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 Archive 2001
Response to State Auditor - DWR releases response to State Auditor's report on Department's power purchase program. Director's Memo, DWR's comments. (12/20/01)
Spot Market Data - DWR today released spot market data for September and October. News Advisory (12/19/01).
2nd Quarter Energy Report - DWR releases activities and expenditures report for second quarter, 2001. Report (12/11/01)
Energy Contracts - Governor Davis announces the signing of two long-term renewable energy contracts, Intercom Energy, Inc. and Bonneville Power Authority. Gov Press Release (12/07/01), DWR Advisory (12/10/01)
Spot Market Data - DWR today released spot market data for July and August. News Release (11/28/01)
Energy Costs - Significant downward trend in the State's energy costs continue in September and October. Hundreds of millions of dollars saved every month since May. News Release (11/13/01)
Revenue Requirements - DWR files revenue requirements with the California Public Utilities Commission. Cover Letter, Final Revenue Requirements (11/06/01)
Power Sales - DWR today released trade tickets. The documents detail individual power sales during April, May and June. News Release (10/24/01)
Revenue Requirements - DWR releases newly updated revenue requirements. Public workshop is planned prior to filing with CPUC. News Release, Revenue Requirements (10/19/01)
Power Purchases - DWR releases second quarter spot market purchases data. News Release (10/01/01)
CAISO Meeting - Notice and related materials. (09/25/01)
Power Costs - Governor Davis announces August power costs - trend of declining cost continued. Press Release (9/19/01)
Power Contracts - DWR signs long-term power contracts for peak power. News Release (8/17/01)
Revenue Requirements - DWR files adjusted Energy Revenue Requirement with the CPUC. News Advisory (8/08/01)
Financial Information - Update to: Supplemental Financial Information Booklet (7/23/01)
Supplimental Financial Booklet
Revenue Requirements - No new rate increases are needed to cover the California's purchases of power, state officials said in a conference call today. News Release (7/22/01)
Press Briefing - DWR will release its Revenue Requirement on Sunday, July 22 detailing the Department's funding needs to recover its costs for purchasing power. News Advisory (7/22/01)
Energy Costs - July energy costs down significantly: conservation, long term contracts continue to have major impact on market. News Release (7/16/01)
Spot Market Purchases - DWR releases first quarter spot market power purchases. News Release (7/09/01)
Power Contract Copies - DWR releases un-redacted copies of long term power contracts. News Release (7/05/01)
Power Purchase Details - DWR releases first quarter 2001 financial report. News Release (6/15/01)
Power Contract Copies - Instructions for ordering. Special Announcement (6/15/01)
Power Purchase Update - A report has been released summarizing the status of DWR power purchase contracts. Report (6/07/01)
Energy Exec Joins DWR - B.B. Blevins assigned to the Department's California Energy Resources Scheduling Division. News Release (5/31/01)
Energy Contract - Gov. Davis announces energy contract with Sempra. Press Release (5/04/01), Contract (5/04/01)
Power Purchase (4/31/01) - Update of California Department of Water Resources Power Purchases Contract Efforts (May 31, 2001)
Contract Efforts
Energy Contract Status - An updated report has been released summarizing the status of the DWR power purchase contract efforts. Report Documents (4/25/01)
FERC Filing - Power marketing comments by DWR in FERC filing. Special Announcement (4/24/01)
Energy Workshop Materials - Presentations designed to assist power producers which were distributed at the Generation Resource Development Workshops held on March 15 and 29, 2001 are available. Workshop Materials (4/16/01)
Energy Contract Status - A report has been released summarizing the status of the DWR power purchase contract efforts. Report Documents (3/22/01)
Energy Workshop - A one-day Sacramento workshop is scheduled for March 15 as part of the Governor's goal to provide 1,000 more peak period megawatts by this summer. News Release (3/09/01) Workshop Materials
Energy Auction - A second Request For Bids (CDWR RFB E2001-02) for energy procurement for the State of California is available. (2/02/01)
Auction Announcement - DWR Director announces result of power auction. Statement (1/24/01)
Energy Auction - A Request For Bids (RFB) for energy procurement for the State of California was made available over the web. (1/23/01)
Power News - DWR implements Governor's order, expands power purchasing role to combat energy shortage. News Release (1/18/01)
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